Behind the scenes at Hinkley Point C on BBC2

Behind the scenes at Hinkley Point C on BBC2

A new 4-part BBC series providing unique behind-the-scenes access to HPC begins at 9:00 pm on BBC2 on Wednesday, June 2.

“Building Britain’s Biggest Nuclear Power Station” follows the construction workers at Hinkley Point C.

The series focuses on the engineers, technicians, steel-fixers, welders, crane drivers, tunnellers and support teams all working to meet the challenge of building Britain’s first nuclear power station in a generation.

The first two episodes feature building of the foundations for the two nuclear reactors, completing the first of three cooling water tunnels out under the Bristol Channel and the first major lift by Big Carl, the world’s largest crane. The work of the extensive British supply chain is also revealed.

The series also visits Hinkley Point B to learn how you prepare to switch off the reactors as the AGR station approaches the end of generation.

A further two episodes are under production and will record the build as it moves to the iconic dome lift moment for the first reactor unit.

More information is available here – BBC Two – Building Britain’s Biggest Nuclear Power Station, Series 1, Episode 1

We hope you enjoy it!

The Hinkley Point C Community Relations Team

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